Do you have a problem? We can solve it.

Problems stop your momentum to get things done. And solutions fit for one person not for another. That’s where we come in.  We have years of experience solving different problems in different ways. We have a solution that can restore your momentum.

At Connect, we believe that people are more important than technology.

That’s why we help bend technology to people, rather than people bend to the technology.

Here’s how we can help technology bend to you: 

  • by helping people and their businesses with their Apple devices.
  • solving networking issues with modern solutions.
  • designing cutting edge A/V experiences for residential and commercial spaces.

Have Small Business Needs?

Every minute you spend fighting your technology is a minute you aren’t doing what you want to do, or need to be doing: Loving your family, serving your customers, or doing meaningful work.


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Device Repairs and Upgrades

Not old enough to replace? Not as reliable as it used to be? Let us take a look – we can repair or upgrade your device, helping you get the most value out of your investment.

Consultations (Virtual and On-Site)

Sometimes you need an expert with either a helping hand or a fire extinguisher. Trust us – we’ve done both. Software or hardware, training or “done for you”, we handle your issues in a way that makes sense for you.

Networks, Wifi, and Camera Systems

Your internet connection is just as important as your water or power connection. Let us design a network that can be the reliable backbone you expect it to be.

Online Classes and Workshops

Sometimes you need general basics and sometimes you need the master class. We

Wi-Fi Upgrades

Wi-Fi is the new running water for homes these days. Let us design a system for your home to eliminate dead zones, boost the speed in the right rooms, and make your Internet reliable again.


“Protect” Your Business Investments

Businesses are good at what they are good at. They aren’t good at the things that make them more efficient, like IT infrastructure and management. 

Especially those companies that are Apple-Centric. 

Worst of all, when it comes to IT support, most companies out there will either talk over people’s heads or refuse to help them at all “because it’s a Mac”. 

Not us. 

Macs are in our blood. We can support and overhaul your entire IT infrastructure or simply just make sure your data is backed up and secured.

Let’s have a conversation to see what your needs are and how we can help you where your company is now, and where it’s going.

Manage Your Devices

Keeping track of the devices in your business over the years is no fun. Protect will make it easy to find and secure lost devices (and the data on them). We will create a searchable and trackable database that protects your investment.

Backup Your Data

Our motto is “If your data doesn’t live in three places, it doesn’t really exist.”  Let us help to maintain your off-site backups in a way that is unobtrusive and gets the job done.   Even if that job is restoring all your data to a new computer because someone lost theirs to an unfortunate “work from home” incident.

Monitor Your Investment

Maintaining your hardware is just as tricky as maintaining the software that lives on it. Not to worry – we keep a constant eye on both hardware and software to keep everything updated. This also allows us to prevent issues before they interrupt your workflow.

Protect Against Risks

Macs are secure. But the biggest vulnerability your computer has is… well… you.   We’ve thought of that too. Our malware protection proactively monitors, isolates, and eliminates malicious software as soon as it happens. 

That’s what keeps you safe and protected, even when we humans make mistakes and click on that link.

Let’s Start a Conversation

Let’s have a conversation – that way we can ensure we’re meeting the expectations of how you need the technology to work and you can then trust us to bend the technology to fit your needs.