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Mac Monitoring

Our software finds the problem before the problem finds you.

Malware Protection

Our technology crushes malware so you are protected and your machine keeps running smoothly. It’s cybersecurity smart enough for your Mac.

Off-Site Backup

Never lose a file again. Get unlimited cloud backup for your mac.

Remote Support

3…2…1…connected! When you’ve got tech issues to solve, there’s no time to waste.

Exclusive Online Booking

You know your availiblity best. Book a consultation online and get back to what matters!

Only $29/mo per Mac

Save money by fixing problems when they are small instead of waiting until you have major downtime.

Open Workshops

Come work around like-minded professionals led by knowledgeable trainers and technicians.

Protect IT Member Benefits

1. Easy Installation & Smooth Performance

Our all-in-one package installer automatically includes all of the following awesome benefits, all without bogging down your Mac like traditional anti-virus programs like Norton or McAfee.

2. Convenient Contact Menu

Enjoy easy access to our contact information as well as our members-only online booking portal. No more thumbing through the rolodex!

3. Mac Hardware and software monitoring.

We’ve partnered with Addigy and Watchman Monitoring to monitor everything important on your Mac. It can detect crucial hardware and software data points including detecting a failing hard drive before it fails, alerting us if your Mac hasn’t been backed up (to Time Machine or Backblaze), system performance, and much more.

4. Real-Time Malware Protection and Daily Scanning

Most people think that Macs don’t get malware, but these days it’s getting more and more common the more people adopt the Mac platform.

Using the powerful business grade version of Malwarebytes, we lock down your Mac with real-time protectionand multiple scans every daythat happen silently in the background. If it finds something, it will quarantine and remove it immediately and notify both you and us, solving the problem before it even happens!

5. Unlimited Gigabytes of Off-Site Cloud Storage

People instinctively know they need a second copy of their valuable data like photos and documents, but sometimes the steps you need to take to actually do that can be confusing.

Time Machine is a great backup method, but the weakness is that it’s still inside your house: what if there was a tornado, fire, or theft and your Mac and the Time Machine drive were both damaged?

Protect IT includes unlimited cloud backup through Backblaze, and best-in-class backup provider that will even backup your external storage.

6. Ongoing Maintenance

Protect IT includes regular ongoing maintenance that happens automatically in the background. Here’s a short list of what it does:

  • Run updates automatically, including Microsoft Office and macOS updates
  • Flush DNS
  • Purge system cache
  • Free up system memory
  • Repair home and disk permissions

Annual macOS upgrades (like the recent Catalina) will be done by request only. Don’t worry, we know a lot of people don’t want to run those right away, and we agree!

7. Members-Only QuickFixes and Remote Sessions

Members enjoy the ability to schedule QuickFixes: any issue that takes less than 15 minutes. Non-members are now limited to a one-hour minimum on-site appointments. If you have a quick problem, it is cheaper to purchase 4 months of Protect IT + 1 QuickFix than it will be for one on-site appointment.

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Get connected, get help, and stay free from technology stress.